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Hey all you Jack Russell Lovers out there.
I am a Jack Russell Puppy.

My name is Jake Rustle.
(My Daddy Thought up my Name Ain’t it Cute)

I wanted to let everyone know about my family and the life I am living.

So my mom let me play on the computer and I made this site for all you dog lovers and anyone who  happens to be surfing    and lands on this site.

Let me tell you about my self. jrcucomputer.jpg (88683 bytes)

I was born on July 24, 1998 to a Beautiful, full white Female J.R.(Pecan Grove Sadie) and a Handsome   rough coat with orange spots Male J.R.(PickPocket Mikey) My Mom had 3 in the litter, 2 girls (my sisters) and 1 boy (me). This was at Lucky Four Kennels in Advance N.C. Mr. Jon Woodring was my first owner.

If you are interested in adopting a Jack Russell you can contact Mr. Woodring at

My Mommy had to wait 3 weeks for us to be born then another 7 weeks to bring me home. Boy she was anxious to get me, that's all I hear. "I couldn’t wait to get you". Talk about impatient. But you gotta love her, she loves me.

So I left my first home and went to my new home to meet my new sister and see my Daddy.

You can e-mail me or any member of my family at the E-mail address below. I would love to hear from you.

Or Sign My Guest Book.

Talk to you soon, Jake Rustle Underhill


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    Crosby is a mixed breed of Doberman,
German Shepherd, & Dalmatian. 
Jake is a Jack Russell.

Even though both are different breeds,
they both loved to be babied and spoiled.

Can you blame them?

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On January 15, 1999
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