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To Jake & Crosby's Worlddonald05.gif (9893 bytes)


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Photo Album

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Photo Album 2

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Photo Album 3

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Favorite Sites

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Photo Portfolio

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from Aaron and
His Disney


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My First Camping Trip

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All Tuckered OUT!


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My Uncle Rufus, Cousin Garrett, Aunt Courtney, & Aunt Noreen


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My Cousin Brittany Resting with me and Crosby


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Me and my cousin Garrett


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All Tuckered Out Again, Give me a Break.
I am a Puppy.


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Mommy keeping me Warm.


wpe1B.gif (10322 bytes) Happy Halloween wpe1C.gif (14778 bytes)


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Me in The Pumpkin Patch.

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Me & Crosby in Our Halloween Costumes
I really wanted to be SuperMan,

but Mom couldn't find a Small enough Costume.
So Crosby was SuperMan & I was the Great Pumpkin
Next Year I hope I am big enough I can be SuperMan & Crosby can be BatMan


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This my new Friend EarthQuake, He is the one with Short hair.

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Here me and Quake are playing and having fun, Just what Puppies are supposed to do.

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Theses are Quake's Brother and Sister. The one Jumping is His Brother Sunny,
The one not jumping is His sister Dew


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